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Dial: Excellent condition and uncommon glossy gilt double silver exclmation point chapter ring dial.  The lume on the hour plots and hands has aged to a creamy white hue typical of this era.  The dial is very glossy without any loss of lacquer around the perimter.  There is some light lume loss on the hour plots and there is a hand drag mark near center post.  


Case: Very good condition 40mm pointed crown guard case serial 765,xxx that has been previously polished but still retains its chamfers and shows wear from use.  The mid case is signed 5513 and the case back is signed 1.62 5512 which is correct for an early 5513.  The period correct fat font bezel insert is in excellent condition and has aged to a dark grey color.  The C&I full stretch rivet bracelet with date code 76 is in excellent condition and is very tight.


Movement: Rolex automatic caliber 1530 is in good operating condition, service history is unknown.  



Rolex Submariner ref 5513 Gilt Double Silver Exclamation Chapter Ring 1962

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